Story Consulting

storyconsultinggraphFor those of you who want one on one attention for your WIP, work in progress, I do private manuscript consultations. These are the basic issues I’ll be looking at:

  • Fashioning setting mood and tone
  • Creating believable and compelling characters
  • Developing character ‘need’ and sustaining character motivation
  • Crafting dynamic chapters
  • Plotting a plausible story ARC
  • Weaving in subplot
  • Manipulating story turning points and finessing rising and falling action
  • Creating and resolving conflicts
  • Building and maintaining dramatic tension
  • Crafting dialogue
  • Understanding theme – why do I need to tell this story now?

I charge $350.00 for a basic manuscript, MS, between 150 and 300 pages. This includes:

  • A read through of the MS.
  • Notes on the MS using a tract changes format.
  • A separate ‘revision letter,’ usually a few pages.
  • A half hour phone consultation.

I charge $50.00, beyond the above fee, for an additional half hour phone consultation to discuss the business of publishing, agents, editors and the best options and choices for your submitting your manuscript for possible publication.