I’m a writer, teacher, and sometimes visual artist, making mosaics and stuff with fabric.

I love quirky and absurd humor. I like to make people laugh and write stories about characters who valiantly fumble through life, navigate friendships and love, aspire to hope, rally from despair and, mostly, laugh at themselves.

I also love stories about people and places that are mystical and have a dark and stormy night vibe. (I personally have had more than a few preternatural experiences). I love dusk and Halloween. And soon, I’ll be working on my own shuddersome story. Mwahaha…so beware.

I live with my ever patient husband and two amazing daughters. We spend a lot of time cracking ourselves up quoting bad T.V. shows and speaking with strange accents. I also own a variety of large and small animals including dogs, cats, horses and a neurotic bird. A bunch of toads have recently taken up residence around my pool and their croaking is uncannily loud. (For reals. We hear them inside even with the windows closed).

I love to drive in Manhattan and am fierce about it. You don’t want to be the slow poke either driving, biking or walking in my lane.

If you like, you can interpret this last bit as my life’s metaphor.

(But seriously though. If you’re in NYC, don’t block my lane).